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Atlantis-Pak Company is a recognized leader on the market of packaging for meat products and cheeses, and belongs to the top ten global firms producing plastic sausage casings.


Nowadays practically all medium and large meat-processing enterprises in Russia and other CIS countries are consumers of our casings.  The products of Atlantis-Pak are exported to 64 countries of the world.


We produce 12 types (and more than 30 modifications) of casings for meat and dairy products.


Atlantis-Pak has four branches – in Moscow, St.Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg, and two representations – in Kiev (Ukraine) and Miami (USA).


Business areas


The priority business areas for Atlantis-Pak Company are the following:

                     production of packaging for meat and dairy products,

                     production of decals

                     production of spices and ingredients.


Our Company's mission


Provision of meat and dairy producers with new solutions, creating new prospects for their development.

Under new solutions we understand creation of innovative products and services, the use of which is beneficial for the meat and dairy enterprises.


History of the Company's development

Since 1993 Atlantis-Pak Company has been confidently moving to its goal – to become a leader in innovative solutions for the meat-processing industry.  The main stages of the Company's development confirm that this goal is within reach.


1997. The start of production of the AMIPAK casing – the world's first plastic casing for frankfurters and wieners.  A year later, 22% of all frankfurter products in Russia were made in the AMIPAK casing.


1998. The putting into production of the AMIFLEX casing – the Russia's first multilayer plastic casing for sausage products with a long shelf life.  Today AMIFLEX is one of the most popular casing not only in Russia and the near-abroad, but also in many countries of the world.


2000-2001.  The development and putting into production of the world's first series of  permeable plastic casings: AMISMOK, AMITAN PRO, AMITAN PRO Sinyuga, for production of semismoked, boiled/smoked, and boiled sausages, and AMILUX for smoked frankfurter products.

Since 2000 Atlantis-Pak has been manufacturing the AMIVAC heat-shrinking vacuum bags for packaging of delicatessen meat products and cheeses.


2002-2003.  The start of production of the ring-shaped AMISMOK and AMILUX casings, and modifications of the AMIFLEX casing – AMIFLEX T Hams, AMIFLEX Tko Sinyuga, AMIFLEX T Stretch.


Since 2004 the Company has been offering to its partners new opportunities in the design and marketing of sausage products – the ultraviolet printing on its new seven-layer AMITEX casings.

In 2005 the Company added yet another business area – the production and sales of spices and ingredients.  A series of decorative casings – AMITEX Rondo, NATUREX, and EXTRAFLEX was developed.


In 2005 the Company added yet another business area – the production and sales of spices and ingredients.  A series of decorative casings – AMITEX Rondo, NATUREX, and EXTRAFLEX was developed.

2006.  The development of the FIBROSMOK casing, and of the long-term corporate strategy of development for the years 2006 – 2011.


2007. The start of production of the AMITEX Sonet casing in a mesh.  The putting into service of the production line for the manufacture of seven-layer heat-shrinking bags.

2012.The company has obtained a certificate of "HALAL" and BRC IoP.


Practically every year the Company develops and puts into production new types of products and extends its range of services.

Today the Company offers to its partners such additional services as shirring of casings, after-sale servicing, full-color and multicolor printing of casings and vacuum bags.

The Company takes special pride in its unique technology of UV printing of sausage casings.



Atlantis-Pak is recognized by the world meat-processing industry as an innovative company, and we are planning to market essentially novel goods and services every year, just as we have been doing throughout the Company's history.


The five-year strategy of development of Atlantis-Pak is based on the following main lines of our progress:

         further development and production of new types of packaging;

         complex deliveries to the consumers within our main business areas (production of packaging materials, decals, and ingredients);

         extension of our network of branches, including foreign branches. 



Perepletchikov Igor, the Director General of PCF Atlantis-Pak LLC.

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