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A casing plays a very important role in the production of all kinds of sausages and hot dogs. Its functions have there more to it than only product stuffing. Modern casings act both as packaging protecting the product from the environmental influence and damage and as a marketing instrument attracting the consumer’s attention.

The main goal we set when creating our innovations is to help our consumers successfully withstand the competition even in very saturated markets. We create casings which are capable to distinguish your product among the other without any further costs for its promotion.

Permeable casings

The permeable sausage casings produced by Atlantis-Pak possess quite a number of advantages: good smoke permeability, high mechanical strength and elasticity, excellent thermal shrinkage.

A matt casing with an original rough surface. The appearance is similar to that of fibrous casings. Features decreased permeability rate to vapor compared to other permeable casings by Atlantis-Pak. Meant for processing of smoked and cooked, cooked sausages and hams. Supplied straight or ring-shaped.
AMISMOK – a series of one-layer plastic casings that are permeable for smoke.

A series of permeable casings. The casing’s type is offered depending on the customer’s requirements.
A smoke-permeable casing for production of frankfurters, hot-dogs, small sausages and mini sausages where smoking or drying is required.
A monolayer casing featuring increased permeability rate to smoke and vapor. Used for production of all types of frankfurters, hot-dogs, small sausages and mini sausages.
A series of casings with the highest available permeability rate to vapor and smoke.
iPeel is the fifst world's easy-to-peel sausage casing made of plastic components.Ipeel casing features the highest rate of permeability to smoke amongst all plastic casings available in the market.

Casing with a high level of permeability.  iCel is a real alternative to cellulose, fibrous, albuminous sausage casings.

Barrier casings

The barrier sausage casings of Atlantis-Pak enjoy quite a number of advantages: high mechanical strength and elasticity, perfect shrinkage, they minimize the weight loss of meat products and considerably increase their shelf-life.

Special types of casing covered with a cord or plastic tape. When stuffing, the sausage gets bumpy according to the location of the cord or tape upon its surface which makes the product look uncommonly eye-catching.
A casing with a decorated structure of the surface achieved by changing a texture in the casing’s external layer.
AMITEX – a series of 7-layer sausage casings
A casing with a rough surface imitating the surface of fibrous casings. Used for production of all type of cooked sausages, hams, liver sausages and pates not requiring smoking. Supplied straight or ring-shaped.
AMIFLEX – a series of 5-layer barrier casings
AMIFLEX Mini is a combination of multi-layer structure and small caliber. This property gives an opportunity to produce small-portion products with fixed weight (from 25 to 100 g) and long periods of storage.
A single-layer barrier casing for processing of all types of hot-dogs, frankfurters, small sausages and mini sausages.
A casing for retort products requiring extended shelf life (both sterilized and pasteurized).
AMITEX Express – 7-layer barrier sausage casing with a glossy surface.

Barrier shrink bags

It is designed for packaging of foodstuffs in vacuum or modified gas atmosphere.

AMIVAC MB For storing and sale of raw meat and its convenience food, sausages, specialities
AMIVAC TVP Bags for group (industrial) packaging of frankfurters and small sausages of big weight (2-15 kg). As well as for storing and sale of frankfurters and small sausages, portion cuts of sausages, meat specialties, meat, paultry (and their convenience products), fish products (and their convenience food articles), chilled meat.

Heat-shrinking barrier bags designed for vacuum packing, storage and realization of cooled meat.
Bags with improved optical properties (gloss, shine and better transparency) in comparison with AMIVAC МВ bags.

For storing and sale of bone-free meat products.

Extremely strong bags. They have increased puncture resistence. For storing and sale of bone-in meat products, products with sharp edges and rough inclusions.
AMIVAC VT bags especially designed for cooking of restructured hams and pressed meats which are stored and sold in the bag itself (without tearing off the bag).
Special thermal-resistant polymer in the AMIVAC VT formula allows it to be used at all possible cooking programs.

Permeable shrink bags

AMIVAC CH-B Plastic bags for cheeses
AMIVAC CH-B-7 – is a new seven-layer thermo shrink bags, used for packaging and keeping of ripening cheeses.


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